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Mountain Adventures Close to Calgary

Calgary is blessed to be close to the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains. The lending view gives me a rush joy, tranquility and full of admiration. There are many places you can go and enjoy the Rockies outside Calgary. You can find numerous attractions, events and things to do that enhances your visit. Take advantage of these places while you are visiting here in Calgary.


Mountain Adventures at Canmore

Canmore has located an hour west of Calgary and 20 minutes away from Banff National Park. It is situated along the banks of Elbow River and at the feet of the Rockies. The town is Calgary’s gateway to numerous national parks and tourist ski resorts in Alberta. Canmore signature landmark is the Three Sisters Mountain. The mountain consists of a trio of peaks, its uniqueness is visible and stands-out from the rest of the mountains. The Three Sisters is even more beautiful when it is covered by snow during the winter.

Canmore has plenty of exciting activities The Three Sister Mountain Peaks In store for visitors. Winter time you can go skiing, snowboarding, skating, cross-country and do other winter activities at the Canmore Nordic Centre. During the 1988 Winter Olympics, Canmore Nordic Centre was one of the site utilized. Enjoy their indoor facilities such as the Canmore Curling Club and Recreation Centre which has two NHL (National Hockey League) size arenas and state-of-the-art pool with hot tubs. Also, try dog sledding!

Summertime is as exciting as winter! Go camping, experience cave tours, hiking, picnics, rafting, fly-fishing, golfing, helicopter tours, mountaineering and climbing adventures (some activities also apply during winter) During your venture, stroll around the city centre and satisfy your hunger with exquisite restaurants, bars, grills, lounges and check cozy hotels for your relaxation.

Mountain Adventures at Kananaskis Country

The next place to go for your mountain adventures is in Kananaskis Country. Kananaskis Country is surrounded by the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. It has over 4000 square kilometers of breathtaking mountain scenery with scenic rivers, streams and grassy meadows. Kananaskis is also well known for an abundance of wildlife creatures roaming freely on its vast wide open spaces. It is a very popular place for visitors and local residents. And just 45 minutes away (85 km) west of Calgary using highway# 1 (Trans Canada) and south of highway 40, a perfect proximity from Calgary.

There are many activities you can enjoy in Kananaskis. During the wintertime, there are opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and ice fishing. While during the summertime, you can enjoy golfing, camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting and horseback riding.

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