To Clear The Bonus

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Where you’re going to get the highest return on every dollar you pay and rake and you want to get the most money back right it’s not like you want one bonus where you’re going to try to clear a 5k bonus you’re going to be looking for lots of like 100 or 50 or 30 your two hundred dollar bonuses lots of small ones that are giving you the best pay out because you don’t want to get stuck running a big bonus that you’re only getting like five percent ten percent pay out on you might as well not be getting a bonus whatsoever next important thing is the expiration date and the question is are you going to be able to clear this bonus in time because for most poker sites you get the bonus and if you clear in time you get paid out but if you come up short even like 10 points. Best casino bonuses and deposits at CasinoSlots.

A lot of times the sites don’t really wanna go she ate they’re going to say sorry you want the Terms of Service and you know you didn’t clear the bonus so we don’t have to pay yet we know you got nitrous on the way there but we’re not going to give you ninety percent of the money so look at the clearing time sometimes again bigger bonuses have a shorter clearing time which makes them damn near impossible to get through many bonuses range from 30 to 60 to 90 days and obviously the size of the bonus will dictate how much of an expiration that you need but it’s important to look at that and have a realistic time frame for clearing your bones you don’t want to feel pressured to get those points in and we’re going to talk a little bit more about that later on the next bullet point finally is the bonus paid out in parts or one lump sum and this kind of goes with the expiration date thing back in the day bonuses were just you cleared you get the whole thing one lump sum and it’s exciting when you get it but man is it nerve-racking in ty if you come up short and people will do some crazy things just to try to clear that bonus.

I’ve seen people lose like three times what the bonus was worth because they were like eighty percent of the way they underlie gotcha you get this last twenty percent so I’m going to deep phone clear and they would just keep dust and off the roll over and over so sad and they didn’t clear the bonus but it wasn’t even worth it because it what they invested so when you have a lump sum bonus that’s going to be a bit more of a pressure situation these days a lot of sites pay out their bonuses in increments so you might get a thousand dollar bonus that you’re like wow there’s no active player clear a thousand dollar bonus at the stakes I play but it pays out in ten dollar increments so ten dollars twenty dollars 30.

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